Frequently Asked Questions


Will it Play on my Computer?

Social Skills Building Buddy was created in Adobe Flash. It should run on any desktop or laptop that is able to run Flash Player 9 or later. Please try the free trial to see if it will run on your computer before you buy.


Is there an IPad Version?

Not yet, an Ipad version is planned for 2014. Check back soon for more details as we get closer to release.



What is the Hall of Fame?

The Social Skills Building Buddy Hall of Fame is a special achievement that you can get by answering every quiz question correctly the first time. If you are able to get all the stars, you will get a special screen. Then you can submit your name, first name and last initial to us and we will put it on a special page!

What is your refund policy?

As with most downloadable software products,
we do not offer refunds - We recommend that
you try the free trial version to see if you like it!





Can you give some guidelines when choosing an optional reward for the game?

Yes, the rewards are meant to be just large enough to encourage playing. These will vary widely by the individual. The idea is to start small and increase them slowly.

100 Star Reward : A small reward such as extra time doing a favorite activity or a small amount of money.

200 Star Reward : A favorite meal.

300 Star Reward : A new toy or game.

Level 50 Reward : Trip to a park, zoo or go see a movie.