How Does the Game Work?



Choose optional incentives

When you start the game, the player or his/her guardian has the option to enter personalized rewards that you can use to encourage the player to concentrate on learning.


Customize your character

Before you start, you can choose a game avatar that best represents the way you want to appear in the game when you play.




Learn the Basics

In the game, you will learn the basic building blocks of social skills. These are things like Personal Space, Eye Contact, Voice Volume, Facial/Body Language, Empathy, Conversation Skills, Active Listening and Self Care.


Create personal visualizations

When the player learns about each social skill, he/she will be guided through a visualization technique that can be used by the player to rehearse and prepare for social interactions.




Specific Social Scenarios

Once the player has learned about the basic elements of social interaction, they will continue to learn about 40 specific real life situations. These lessons include Being a good guest at a friends house and How to behave at a
birthday party.


Quiz Questions Earn Rewards

After the lessons are complete, the player is tested by a multiple choice quiz. Getting the answer correct the first time will give the fastest access to the optional rewards. We have a special Hall of Fame for players who have gotten a perfect score! (Multiple play-throughs are expected and encouraged!)